Optimist World Championship 2015 in Dziwnow (POL)

Die WM 2015 ist vorbei und hier der letzte Regattabericht von Carmen:

Unfriendly was as well last race day as many others before, no wind and a lot of waiting…  After more than one hour of waiting the gold fleet got off. The wind was about 5 knots and the current with 5-7 meters from the back. After only 1/3 of the up wind the race got abandoned. The fleet came down to the starting line for more waiting. Now the water got completely flat and no wind at all. All races got abandoned around 2pm and the worlds was officially over.
The team can look back at two weeks with A LOT of waiting for wind and long days at sea. It has been a long regatta, 9 days of completion without any rest. We have preformed good racing and showed that we are a great nation and can compete with the best.

In team race Solène, Achille, Felix, Nick and Josh were the first time in history qualified for the second day and reached at end the 8th place. Congratulations!!!

Individually Josh did the best results and came on a great 33 place.
The rest of the Swiss Team:
Nick: 76
Felix: 104
Achille 117
Solène: 139 (25th girl)

Mit dabei von Cham SUI 1715, Achille Casco (SCC) zusammen mit den vier Teammitgliedern, SUI 1727 Joshua Richner (SCM),  SUI 1664 Felix Baudet (CNM), SUI 1725 Nick Zeltner (RCO) und SUI 1608 Solène Mariani (CNM), Zizi Staniul (Trainer) und Carmen Casco (Teamleaderin. Wir gratulieren herzlichst!

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